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Natural Stone



Landscaping and Natural Stones Supplier. Offering the widest range of natural stone colours and products, STONEarch is proud to be a leader when it comes to the sourcing of natural stone. Our most popular stone types are sandstones, limestones and granites, however, we also carry travertine and basalt. Our range of colours is specifically designed for the North American climate and each colour and product has been tested and carefully sourced. All our products are suitable for residential and commercial use, but specific stones such as sandstones and limestones, tend to be more suitable for residential use.


While we offer the largest selection of natural stone colours for landscaping, our team of sourcing experts also frequently works on custom stone products to help you find specific colours that can better suit your needs.


Armour Stone

We source natural stone products directly from our suppliers' quarries. Armour stone is ideal for retaining walls, steps, garden walls, stairways, waterfalls, ponds and driveway edging.

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