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Masonry Stone


Rinox Masonry

Rinox bricks and stones are timeless, elegant, refined, and distinctive due to their natural colours and quality design. When choosing masonry products, you will increase the attractiveness of your property.


Techo-Bloc Masonry

Techo-Bloc brick and stone masonry lines were designed to equal the beauty of natural stone. Both elegant and classic, stone masonry is the perfect way to complement the unique character of your home. Its natural stone appeal will bring originality and boldness to the exterior of your residence. Let the combination of brawn and beauty add a look to your home that will transcend time.


Maibec Acenta

A simple yet complete line of fastened stone siding systems, with masonry-inspired designs and colours to satisfy your wants and needs. Our range of fastened stone veneers is composed of 3 different widths: 8'', 12'' and 20'', and are all 6'' high. There are 32 different surface patterns to ensure variability in the final result. The latest addition to the Maibec family, this fastened stone veneer system upholds the same quality standards that define Maibec. Manufactured in partnership with Rinox, Maibec Acenta™ combines the strengths and expertise of two leaders in the siding industry. The strength of this substrate has also been proven time and time again and is backed by a 25-year limited transferable warranty.

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